What Did PA Dems Chairman Burn Really Say?

During a press call held by the Pennsylvania Democratic Party yesterday, Chairman Jim Burn discussed the Democratic candidates for governor. The Patriot News and PoliticsPA both reported Chairman Burn as saying, “There’s no super candidate jumping out from behind the curtain.” Democratic operatives, clearly alarmed at the implication of their Chairman’s disparaging comments, must have pressured these outlets to revise their stories, insisting that the Chairman did not say “super candidate,” but instead said, “There’s no secret candidate jumping out from behind the curtain.”

Chairman Burn’s unclear comments unveiled a hidden displeasure that the Pennsylvania Democratic Party has with their current field of gubernatorial candidates. Why would Chairman Burn mumble on a press call and leave ANY question about what he said or meant? Journalists execute due diligence in reporting what they hear; was the super/secret comment just a Freudian slip? Since the Chairman obviously had no hesitation discussing the “inevitability” of Rob McCord’s jumping into the race, doesn’t that display an inherent dissatisfaction with the current Democratic field? If you were Allyson Schwartz, Tom Hanger, Katie McGinty et al, wouldn’t you be upset that your Party Chairman wants someone else to jump in?

Additionally, Chairman Burn also noted that he “doesn’t expect a nasty primary fight” next year. He should tell that to John Hanger, who is clearly already prepared to take the gloves off against front-runner Allyson Schwartz.