Corbett’s Successful Jobs Mission

Governor Corbett returns home after a successful mission to strengthen Pennsylvania’s trade partnerships abroad. Bringing 74 jobs to Franklin County was a win in itself, but the fact that Governor Corbett has “planted seeds” to expand Pennsylvania’s international footprint will yield economic opportunities for years to come.

Governor Corbett promotes Pennsylvania’s workforce

At events that begin early in the morning and often extend into the night, Mr. Corbett has told representatives of banks, oil and gas companies and other businesses that 60 percent of the North American population can be reached in a day’s drive — a “long day’s drive,” he allows — from Pennsylvania. With the advent of natural gas production from the Marcellus Shale, he says, energy costs are lower in Pennsylvania than other U.S. states. And he describes the state’s workforce as hard-working and well-trained. “This is a sales job for our state, and for the people of our state,” Mr. Corbett said in an interview. “They definitely, clearly have an interest in the United States. Now it’s my job to try to get them to come to our state, and I think I’ve got three good points to sell them on.” (Langley, Karen. Corbett makes his three points to South America. Post Gazette. 4/14/2013.)

74 Jobs to Franklin County

Last week in Brazil, Corbett announced that Wipro Infrastructure Engineering, an international manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders, plans to open a plant that will bring 74 new jobs to Chambersburg. Wipro is a major supplier of Volvo Construction Equipment, which officials said has a strong presence in Brazil and has a production facility in Shippensburg. (Corbett winds up South America trade mission. Associated Press. 4/17/2013.)

Promotes trade agreement with Chile to create jobs
In a meeting Monday at the presidential palace, Gov. Tom Corbett and Chilean President Sebastian Pinera discussed creating a formal agreement to facilitate exchanges between Pennsylvania and Chile.

“If he and I could do it without the lawyers, it would be done already,” Mr. Corbett said afterward. “As they have a relationship now with California and Massachusetts, he and I would both like to have one with Pennsylvania.” A memorandum of understanding would promote cooperation in areas such as education, energy, mining, agriculture and science and technology, said Constanza Cea Sanchez, a spokeswoman for Mr. Pinera. (Langley, Karen. Corbett says Chile wants trade agreement with Pa. Post Gazette. 4/16/2013.)

Signs joint declaration with Brazil to promote energy investments
Governor Corbett signed a joint declaration with the governor of the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro today to promote collaboration and investments in energy, particularly in oil and natural gas development. The declaration comes as part of Corbett’s10-day trade mission through Brazil and Chile, which began Saturday. The trip wraps up April 16 and includes stops in the Brazilian cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, along with Santiago, Chile. “There are a number of industries that are growing in Brazil that are also very strong in Pennsylvania,” Corbett said in a statement, “Creating a partnership with the state of Rio de Janeiro will enhance joint trade and promote mutual investment that will lead to new economic growth and job creation in both states.” (Cusick, Marie. Corbett Signs Joint Declaration With Brazil to Promote Energy Investments. NPR’s StateImpact. 4/10/2013.)