SP&R Poll: PA Voters Disapprove Obamacare

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GOP pollster Susquehanna Polling & Research just released the results of their latest survey of the Keystone State. By a margin of 60% to 27%, Pennsylvania voters believe that Obamacare will increase healthcare costs for businesses and consumers.

In addition, 53% of voters believe that the controversial law will have a negative impact on job-growth and the economy. 30% believe that the law is good for the economy.

In the same poll, Pennsylvania voters identified the economy as the number one issue facing the commonwealth. This is the sixth consecutive year that the economy has reigned supreme as the chief concern of Pennsylvanians.

Though the law is firmly in place for the foreseeable future, it could be an issue in the 2014 gubernatorial contest. Gov. Tom Corbett has thus far declined to enroll Pa. in Obamacare’s expansion of Medicaid, something Democrats have fiercely criticized.

Despite these concerns about his signature domestic policy achievement, Pennsylvania voters supported President Obama over Mitt Romney by a margin of 52% to 47% in November. The president campaigned heavily on the successful passage of the Affordable Care Act.

SP&R polls skewed in Republicans’ favor in the 2012 election, showing races to be much competitive than they ultimately turned out.

The poll was administered between February 15-18 and surveyed 700 Pennsylvania registred voters via live calls.

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