Thompson Releases Statement On President’s Plan To Reduce Gun Violence

Rep. G.T. Thompson

WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Rep. Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson, R-Howard, has released the following statement in response to President Barak Obama’s plan to reduce gun violence:

“The President has proposed a broad set of recommendations, which I plan to review carefully. There are no easy solutions when it comes to preventing violence, but we have an obligation to take every effort possible to better protect our communities, especially our children.

“I believe there are areas of policy that can be improved upon, especially identifying gaps in our mental health system, better detection of mental illness, and enhanced communication and coordination among community organizations, law enforcement agencies, and offices of public safety. I also believe that school safety and the broader issue of child safety should remain a focus at all levels of government and society as we move forward.

“While the nation has enacted many responsible limits on firearms, including long-established restrictions of gun ownership by the mentally ill and convicted felons, I do not believe that additional gun restrictions on law-abiding citizens will serve to prevent future acts of mass violence.”

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