Corrupt Kathleen Kane’s World

Skirting parking tickets, lying about endorsements and experience doesn’t fit Pennsylvania chief law enforcement position

HARRISBURG — Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding the Freed campaign’s latest web video that highlights how Kathleen Kane’s record of dishonesty does not fit the high level of integrity demanded by the Attorney General’s office:

“Kathleen Kane is not only the least qualified candidate in the Attorney General’s race, but based on her history of skirting parking tickets when convenient, claiming endorsements she never received, and having the ego to run Pennsylvania’s chief law enforcement officer after trying only two dozen cases shows just how wrong Kane is for a position that demands trust, integrity and experience.

“The bottom line is that Pennsylvania deserves an Attorney General who will keep our families safe and criminals off the street, and David Freed is the only candidate with the integrity and experience to hold that position.”

Watch “Kathleen’s World” here.


“Kathleen Kane is running for attorney general, but only a few years ago, she had a serious parking ticket problem. They just kept piling up and up. But luckily in Kathleen’s world, if you know the right people, parking tickets disappear. No fine, no record, not even a docket sheet. But that’s not all. In Kathleen’s world you can even quit your job in 2007 and run for attorney general in 2012 having tried only two dozen cases, claim endorsements you’ve never received. You can even accept over a million dollars in special interest money, after saying your campaign does not accept special interest money. This year, instead of Disney World, we’re taking the kids to Kathleen’s World, where anything is possible.”