As Elections Nears, Paul Ryan Visits Pittsburgh


Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan returned to Pennsylvania for the first time in two months, as independent polls show a narrowing race in a key Electoral College state.

Ryan will appear at a rally in a private hangar at Pittsburgh International Airport.

Ryan has visited Pennsylvania just once as the vice presidential candidate, on Aug. 21.

As they waited for Congressman Paul Ryan’s plane to land, republicans stressed the importance of hard work over the next few weeks.

“If you can make phone calls, we need your help,” Republican Congressional candidate Keith Rothfus said. “If you can go door-to-door, we need your help.”

“This is a time we’re all one team, one fight working this out,” Representative Tim Murphy said. “It’s a time for; it’s a time for sticking together, no matter what.”

Others explained why they believe victory is so important.

“We have spent the last four years in economic misery, and watching our standing around the world decline, because of the failed policies of a failed president,” Republican Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey said. “It’s time for a change.”

The cheers grew louder, as vice presidential candidate, Congressman Paul Ryan, stepped off the airplane.

“Pennsylvania, you’re going to help us elect Mitt Romney the next president of the United States, aren’t you?” Ryan asked the crowd.

Ryan immediately took aim at President Barack Obama.

“America can not afford four more years of President Obama’s failed policies,” Ryan said. “We need real reforms, for a real recovery, to get people back to work, to get this economy growing again, to get us back on path to reaching our American idea.”

The Wisconsin congressman talked about the Romney-Ryan five-point plan.

“It’s about saying, here is what we need to do, to get America back on to,” Ryan said. “Here is what we need to do, to make sure our defense is strong. Here is what we need to do, to save Medicare and Social Security.”

Senator Pat Toomey told supporters right now, President Obama and Governor Romney are tied in Pennsylvania. That’s why Republicans say it’s so important for the Romney-Ryan ticket to go after those independents, Democrats and undecided voters.

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