PA GOP Chairman Releases Statement Following Second Presidential Debate

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Rob Gleason issued the following statement following Mitt Romney’s great performance at tonight’s second Presidential Debate:

“Tonight, Mitt Romney once again showed he is the only candidate who is capable of getting our country back on track. Under President Obama America will see four more years that look just like the last four; high unemployment, more debt and skyrocketing fuel prices. We will see policies that will continue to stunt economic growth, levy us with higher taxes, and keep millions of Americans out of work. With Mitt Romney as our President, America will once again be a country of growth and opportunity that allows every American the chance to work towards achieving the American dream.

“In Pennsylvania, the race for the White House is closer than ever. After Mitt Romney’s overwhelming win in the first debate and Paul Ryan’s strong Vice Presidential debate performance, Pennsylvanians have seen that the Romney-Ryan team has a real plan for America instead of empty rhetoric promising more ‘hope and change.’ Mitt Romney’s debate performance has resulted in huge surge of volunteers for our campaign and will continue to work harder than ever to ensure that Mitt Romney is successful on Election Day. Tonight, Mitt Romney once again proved that he is the only candidate who is ready to take command of our nation and lead us all towards a brighter, more prosperous future.”