Ryan Wins Close VP Debate

Las Vegas Review-Journal

This was the first VP debate of this campaign season. And for the most part it was fairly forgettable.

But in the end, you gotta give the young Mr. Paul Ryan the victory in the close contest on style points. He held his own with the more confrontational Biden. He stayed cool and in the end came out looking more respectful and more in command of the issues that worry people today.

And I’m not alone in this judgment. CNN had Ryan winning at 48%, Biden 44%, just in case you want a second opinion other than mine.

But I’m right on this. Although I doubt anyone will vote for president based on the outcome of the VP debate, I think Ryan broke the ice with voters looking calmer and more collected. In that style, he bested the smirking Biden.

PS: In the morning, expect there to be a lot of discussion on Benghazi. Biden stepped in it when he said they blamed the movie for the deaths of our ambassador because that is what intelligence told the White House. I believe we will find that absolutely false. And plenty of people will be happy to come forward to say so.

PPS: Also, expect the Catholic Church to have a few things to say about Biden’s abortion answer. He accepts the position of his church on abortion, but doesn’t think he should advocate it to others? What the hell does that mean? (Underline “hell”).

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