Former Gov. Tom Ridge Endorses David Freed For Attorney General.

Allentown Morning Call

Former Gov. Tom Ridge has endorsed fellow Republlican David Freed for state attorney general.

Now endorsements generally have the same value as your horoscope — that is, they’re for entertainment purposes only and shouldn’t be the basis for major life decsions.

But when you’re Freed, and you’re apparently having trouble raising money against a well-financed candidate, an endorsement from the former Guv may make it a bit easier to shake the money tree.

Here’s the text of Ridge’s statement:

“This November, Pennsylvania voters have a critical – yet very clear – choice to make in the race to elect the next Attorney General,” said Governor Ridge. “I’m supporting District Attorney David Freed because he’s the experienced prosecutor and principled leader that Pennsylvanians expect and deserve in an Attorney General.”

“As the chief law enforcement officer of Cumberland County, David understands that it’s not only the Attorney General’s job to lock up the criminals, but also to protect law-abiding citizens while upholding the highest ethical standards.”

For those of you playing along at home, Freed is the elected district attorney of Cumberland County. He’s facing Democrat Kathleen Kane, a former Lackawanna County prosecutor, in a contest that’s becoming increasingly testy the closer we get to Election Day.

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