President Obama’s Political Toxicity Scares Away Vulnerable Democrats

U.S. Senator Bob Casey doesn’t get speaking role; Rep. Mark Critz stays home

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement highlighting U.S. Senator Bob Casey’s lack of participation in the Democratic National Convention:

“Senator Bob Casey is the leader of Pennsylvania’s Delegation to the Democratic National Convention and has already professed his strong allegiance to President Obama and his failed record. But the fact that Senator Casey does not have a speaking role at the Democrat Convention proves that like most Pennsylvanians’ they either forgot about Casey and his do-nothing record, or Senator Casey is afraid that the President’s political toxicity in Pennsylvania will hamper his own re-election prospects.

Chairman Gleason continued, “Casey and Obama have been working hand in hand for three and a half years but when the bright lights of Charlotte turn on, Casey is in the shadows.”

“Pennsylvania Democrats know that preventing President Obama’s political toxicity from seeping into down ballot races will be a hefty task. Casey’s lack of participation at the Democratic National Convention is just the most recent duck-and-cover; throughout the past year, whenever President Obama comes to down, Senator Casey is conspicuously nowhere to be found.

“President Obama has decided to build disingenuous campaign on distractions and attacks because can’t defend his failed record to Pennsylvanians. Thanks to President Obama’s broken promises and failure to get our economy moving again, Pennsylvanians don’t believe they are better off today than they were four years ago. And because Senator Bob Casey supported the President’s failed agenda 95% of the time, Casey can’t run from President Obama’s failed record either.”