Obama burdens taxpayers with mountains of debt with no end in sight

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding our national debt recently exceeding 16 trillion dollars:

“As our national debt exceeds a staggering 16 trillion dollars, it’s unfortunate that President Obama has not offered any serious plans to get our massive spending under control. Instead of reining in government spending like he promised, President Obama has run up four straight years of trillion dollar deficits on the taxpayer credit card. A second Obama term would only mean more spending that we can’t afford.

“It’s Governor Tom Corbett’s fiscally responsible leadership that has allowed Pennsylvania’s economy to weather the Obama storm; Governor Corbett has repeatedly rejected the President’s tax-and-spend mentality to ensure that the middle class does not suffer under a government that spends beyond its means. While Governor Corbett consecutively passed two balanced budgets in Harrisburg, President Obama’s bloated budget received zero votes in Congress. It’s clear Pennsylvanians are tired Obama’s economy: more wasteful, government spending, more debt and fewer opportunities.”

From the RNC: