Elect Vulakovich

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

The stain that Jane Orie left on Pennsylvania’s 40th Senatorial District is deep and smelly. And it will take a person with impeccable public credentials and personal integrity to lift and deodorize that stain and restore respect to the seat.

That person is Republican Randy Vulakovich.

Ms. Orie was routed from office by her criminal conviction for public corruption and forgery. She’ll spend the next few years in state prison. The special election to fill the remainder of her term will be held Tuesday in the 40th’s more than two-dozen communities in northern Allegheny and southern Butler counties.

Mr. Vulakovich, 62, of Shaler, is a retired police officer (26 years of service) who’s now serving his third term in the Pennsylvania House. He replaced another crook, former state Rep. Jeff Habay. And he’s done an excellent job of stain and odor removal.

Sharon Brown, 59, of McCandless, is the Democrats’ candidate. And Don Bindas, 56, an independent of Franklin Park, is running a write-in campaign. Ms. Brown seems to think businesses exist to be milked. Mr. Bindas has some good ideas for privatizing mass transit and reforming pensions.

But it’s Vulakovich who by far is the more well-rounded candidate and has a mindset dedicated to serving the public (and not the other way around). For voters in the 40th Senatorial District, Randy Vulakovich is the best person for the job.

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