You Didn’t Bake This: PA GOP Sends President Obama A Golf-Themed Birthday Cake

HARRISBURG — Today, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania appropriately sent a golf-themed birthday cake to the Pennsylvania Democratic Party’s headquarters to celebrate the President’s 51st birthday. Chairman Gleason also released the following statement:

“After 11 rounds of golf, 120 fundraisers, and 0 meetings with his Jobs Council over the past six months, the President may have grown another year older, but he is still making the same old mistakes that have led to our struggling economy.

“The bottom line is that while President Obama’s golf score may have gone down over the past four years, his unemployment numbers and job losses have gone up.

“The unemployment rate has now been above 8 percent for 42 straight months. Friday’s jobs report illustrates how Obama has failed to fix the economy and meet his own standards: He promised his massive $831 billion stimulus would create millions of jobs and bring unemployment down to around 5.5 percent by today. Most staggering of all, the real unemployment rate is 15 percent, meaning that 15 percent of Americans either can’t find a job, full-time work or have given up even trying to find a job.

“Mitt Romney is the only candidate with a workable plan for the economy, and the only candidate who understands the economy and respects the free enterprise system that will create jobs. We look forward to retiring President Obama to his favorite golf course this November so that we can finally get our economy and our nation back on the right track.”