ICYMI: Highlights From Conference Call With RNC Chairman Reince Priebus & PA GOP Chairman Rob Gleason On President Obama’s Latest Visit To Pennsylvania

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus:

“We just feel so optimistic about our chances in Pennsylvania and making sure that it’s a red state in 2012…

“I will tell you that the Republican National Committee is 100% committed…to make sure that Pennsylvania turns red and we beat Barack Obama in Pennsylvania and those 20 electoral votes come into our column in 2012.

“The President’s been traveling from battleground state to battleground state, I mean it’s no surprise he will be in Pennsylvania today to rehabilitate his miserable showing…

“The President’s going to show up in Pennsylvania as the ‘Great Divider.’ He came to this campaign four years ago and traveled the country as the ‘Great Uniter,’ the person who was going to bring America together, the person who was going to build the better America, the person that promised that things would be better four years from the point when he came into office, and now he comes back to America with a broken economy, with a deficit through the roof.

“Obama’s biggest problem is voters. They don’t like what he’s done to our country, so President Obama and his campaign team is worried about Pennsylvania, and rightfully so…

“All the visits in the world won’t reverse the damaging policies that he’s put in place, not just for Pennsylvania, but for this country…

“Well, we can’t wait for this president to get serious about running this country in the way that he promised and because of that we’re going to make him a one-term president…”

PA GOP Chairman Rob Gleason:

“Let’s cut to the chase. It’s no coincidence that President Obama is visiting Pennsylvania on our election day. Of the 50 States, the President chose to spend his time here because he knows the road to Pennsylvania Avenue runs through the Keystone State.

“Based on plummeting approval ratings and a growing discontent with President Obama’s agenda of higher taxes and spending, we are confident that Pennsylvanians will not be fooled by this president’s feeble attempts to camouflage his failed economic record. If he is using Pennsylvania’s election day to test the waters before facing voters next year, we might as well tell him to start packing.

“Pennsylvania is without a doubt the keystone to making Obama a one-term president. Today, our election day is important for many reasons. Sometimes municipal elections are coined as ‘off year,’ but there is nothing off about electing officials who make decisions that affect citizen’s everyday lives. Republicans in all 67 counties are running on a shared vision to combat President Obama’s failed record and restore our nation’s economic prosperity, instill fiscal responsible principles in government, and in the case of our judicial candidates, to not legislate from the bench.

“We will deliver Pennsylvania for the 2012 Republican nominee next year by building upon key wins from 2011. The Republican Party in Pennsylvania has invested heavily in winning elections this year by working with Republicans at all levels to refine campaign operations and boost turnout.

“We have the best grassroots network in the world. As we speak, there are thousands of faithful Republican volunteers working the polls, making phone calls, and going door-to-door for our candidates. We know we will see much more of President Obama’s campaigning in the coming year, and his visit today cements our resolve to make sure he’s a one-term president. From the failed stimulus to high unemployment, it’s clear that we just can’t afford another term from this president. As the polls close tonight and the sun rises tomorrow, the campaign to defeat President Obama will begin in earnest.”

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