Republicans Rallying To Get Out The Vote

Municipal Elections Are Too Important to Stay At Home

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding tomorrow’s election and the Republican Party’s get-out-the-vote program to win for Republicans up and down the ballot:

“Tomorrow’s elections are tremendously important for a number of reasons. It is critical that we elect conservative Republican judicial candidates like Superior Court candidate Vic Stabile and Commonwealth Court candidate Anne Covey. Also, our municipal officials — from commissioners to county row officers to township supervisors — are the closest layer of government to the people, often making decisions that affect people’s everyday lives, and it is critical we elect strong Republican candidates who will keep taxes low and streamline government spending.” Chairman Rob Gleason said.

“Tomorrow’s elections many not be as widely covered as Presidential campaigns, but they are no less important. What is important is that all voters get to the polls on Election Day. Even if the names on the ballot are not household names, by supporting a Republican, a voter can be confident that they are supporting a principled candidate who believes in fiscal responsibility and effective government.

“The PA GOP has made a significant effort to get out the Republican vote. By partnering with county parties and local candidates, Republicans have knocked on hundreds of thousands of doors and have made nearly double the amount of GOTV phone calls. We have also broadened our online and social media outreach, with countdown campaigns on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtags #paedaycountdown and #stabilecovey.

“When voters get to the polls, we will have Republican volunteers ready to greet voters and pass out literature on our candidates. It’s clear we have the best grassroots operation and best volunteers in the country and it is with their hard efforts that make our GOTV operations successful.

Gleason continued: “Voting is one of our most important and fundamental rights, and in Pennsylvania, there is no such thing as an ‘off year election.’ I hope as many people as possible remember to get to the polls tomorrow and support their entire Republican team.”