Support Stabile, Covey, And The Republican Ticket

Chris Decker
Pike County Courier

Republican Party of Pike County Chairman Christopher Decker released the following statement regarding the statewide judicial races.

“Our Founders created three separate branches of government – the Executive branch, the Legislative branch, and the Judicial branch.

Each branch is tasked with a specific responsibility. It’s simple: executives execute, legislators legislate and judges adjudicate. We elect an executive – the President, our Governor – to operate the day-to-day functions of government and execute the laws enacted by the legislature, among many other responsibilities. We elect legislators – U.S. Senators, Congressmen, and representatives in the state house to create laws for the people. In Pennsylvania, we elect judges – from Magisterial District Judges at the local level, to our statewide courts – to interpret those laws and apply them in a fair, even-handed manner.

“Where does it say within a judge’s job description that they can create laws from the bench? Judicial activism is not part of the job. As such, it is important that we elect conservative judges to all levels of government who will fundamentally execute the purpose of the judicial branch of government: uphold the values of our U.S. Constitution and interpret the law as written. We do not need judges who will create new laws or impose their personal beliefs in the courtroom.

“That’s why I am enthusiastically supporting Republican candidates Vic Stabile for Superior Court and Anne Covey for Commonwealth Court. Not only for their outstanding qualifications, but also for their commitment to the principles of the U.S. Constitution and their pledge to interpret the law, not legislate from the bench. The stakes are too high for these judicial races to be ignored. Pennsylvania needs judges like Vic Stabile and Anne Covey who will respect the separation of powers and impart equal justice under the law. Our statewide courts affect the lives of every Pennsylvania citizen.

“Together, let’s get behind the right candidates for Pennsylvania’s courts. Pick Vic Stabile and Vote Anne Covey on Tuesday, November 8th along with the Pike County Republican Ticket of Caridi, Osterberg, Tonkin, Fitzpatrick, Schroeder, Seaman, Foran, and Stroyan.”

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