Obama Bundler Senator Bob Casey Can’t Shake His Support In And Out Of Congress Of This Unpopular President

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding the news that U.S. Senator Bob Casey was listed by the New York Times as a bundler for the President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign. A bundler is a person who arranges multipliable contributions from various individuals and PACs. Making the story more interesting is Senator Casey’s ongoing efforts to distance himself from the President leading him initially denied the claim he was a bundler for the President, only to be forced to rescind their statements after further inquiries by the media made it clear that he was correctly listed.

“Despite Senator Casey’s failed recent attempts to distance himself from President Obama despite his near 100% voting record in support of the President, we now find out that Senator Casey has been secretly bundling funds for President Obama’s reelection campaign at high dollar fundraisers. As Casey tries to camouflage his liberal record to save his own neck, the facts speak for themselves – Senator Casey has voted nearly 100% of the time to advance key initiatives in President Obama’s failed presidency and has walked in lockstep with extreme liberal Senator Harry Reid who inexplicably thinks that the ‘private sector is doing fine’ despite record high unemployment. President Obama and Senator Casey’s disastrous policies from reckless spending to raising our taxes to ObamaCare have had dire consequences for our country and it’s clear we need new leadership in the White House and the U.S. Senate,” Chairman Rob Gleason said.

Reid’s Comment on Private Sector ‘Doing Fine’ Puts Him Out on a Limb

“The massive layoffs we have had in America today, of course, are rooted in the last administration, and it is very clear that private sector jobs are doing just fine,” he said. “It’s the public sector jobs where we have lost huge numbers, and that’s what this legislation is all about.”

Since Obama took office in January 2009, the public sector has lost 607,000 jobs while the private sector lost 1.6 million, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. (“Reid’s Comment on Private Sector ‘Doing Fine’ Puts Him Out on a Limb.” Fox News. October 20, 2011.)

GOPers Pounce on Casey Bundler Blunder

“On Saturday the New York Times reported on “bundlers” for Obama’s reelection campaign, noting that the President had retained support form several Democratic officials who backed him in 2008, including Sen. Casey.

A bundler is someone who arranges multiple individual or PAC campaign contributions for a candidate, a common practice in federal elections.

Casey’s office initially told the Morning Call that the New York Times story was incorrect, citing the fact that the Bob Casey in their report was listed as a resident of Haverford, PA. Casey resides in Scranton.

“This is another reason why you can’t trust these Washington political operatives,” Casey spokesman Larry Smar told the Morning Call at the time. “They don’t know Haverford from Scranton, let alone Bob Casey’s record of fighting for Pennsylvania.”

A few hours later, Casey’s office redacted their statement, confirming that Sen. Casey has in fact bundled for the President.

“There is a Bob Casey in Haverford, but the reference is supposed to be to Sen. Casey. Apparently he made the list because of an event he cohosted. This was news to us. I apologize for giving you the wrong information earlier,” said Smar.” (Carey, Ali. “GOPers Pounce on Casey Bundler Blunder.” Politics PA. October 20, 2011.)