RNC Chair Priebus: “Republicans Will Win Pennsylvania In 2012”

Keegan Gibson
Politics PA

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus boldly predicted that Pennsylvania a become a red state in 2012, in advance of President Obama’s speech at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

“In 2008, Pennsylvania went for Obama based on his rhetoric. In 2012, he’s going to be judged on his results,” said Priebus. “Republicans will in Pennsylvania in 2012, and indeed make President Obama a one term President.”

“The 2012 election will be about one thing: the economy,” Priebus said. He pointed to, “14 million Americans still out of work. Unemployment still at an unbelievable 9.1 percent.”

Pausing from his discussion of Obama, the RNC Chair offered a few kind words for Governor Tom Corbett.

“Fortunately, Pennsylvanians do have someone on their side. Governor Corbett is doing an amazing job of opening Pennsylvania up for business and job creation.”

Gleason emphasized recent polling showing Obama’s approval slipping in Pennsylvania, and said that the party stood ready to fight in 2012.

“As he scrambles to defend his failed record, our campaigner in chief will probably visit Pennsylvania a number of times,” said Gleason.

“One thing his clear: President Obama may try and reclaim Pennsylvania, but the Keystone State will be the Key in firing President Obama from the White House.”

The PA GOP also released a man-in-the-street style web video for today’s event, featuring every day Pittsburghers dissatisfied with the economy and President Obama’s performance.No Republican presidential candidate has won Pennsylvania since George H.W. Bush, in 1988. Obama won the state last year by a margin of slightly more than 10 points.

Gleason and Priebus are allies at the RNC — the PA Chairman was one of the first major figures there to announce his opposition to a second term for former Chairman Michael Steele, and threw his weight behind Priebus.