GOP To Give Up State Fleet Cars, Pay On Health Coverage

Brad Bumsted
The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Republicans who will control the state House in January neared agreement yesterday on a plan to give up state fleet cars, pay toward their health care benefits, and curb per diem abuses.Lawmakers said it’s a sign they’re ready to work with Gov.-elect Tom Corbett, the Shaler Republican who campaigned to rein in lawmakers’ perks. Corbett suggested reducing the car fleet, requiring contributions for health care and establishing more accountability for per diems, the flat undocumented payments for lawmakers’ overnight stays. The daily rate for Harrisburg trips is $157.

“We want to end what is perceived as abuse,” said Stephen Miskin, the House Republican spokesman.

Corbett’s television ads during the fall campaign drew attention to the costs, but Miskin said House Republicans have been working on the issue for years.

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