Commissioner Steve Urban Sells Out Constituents

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Spokesman Mike Barley released the following statement regarding Luzerne County Commissioner Steve Urban’s decision to switch party affiliations:

“I find it shocking that Commissioner Urban has decided to join the Democratic Party, especially considering all the corruption that has resulted from the Democratic leadership in the Luzerne County Courthouse during his tenure there. After all the horrible stories detailing widespread corruption on behalf of local Democratic officials in the county, it is astounding he has chosen to cast his lot with embattled Commissioner Maryanne Petrilla and abandon the Republicans who worked so hard to get him elected. Perhaps Commissioner Urban’s silence over the past few years, especially during the kids for cash scandal, is a sign he was complicit with the events taking place there. This move proves that he will go along to get along with the business-as-usual attitude in the Luzerne County Courthouse.

“The Luzerne County GOP is a rising force in our Party filled with hundreds of active grassroots volunteers who have unprecedented success for candidates at the local, congressional and statewide level.

“I only offer this final thought to Commissioner Urban — maybe the problem with the Steve Urban for Senate campaign was Steve Urban.”