Toomey On Health Care Ruling: “A Step In The Right Direction”

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Senator-elect Pat Toomey voiced his support for today’s ruling of a federal district court that the individual mandate portion of the health care law is unconstitutional.

“I haven’t had a chance to read the decision, but I agree with the conclusion,” said Toomey. “I never thought that it is within the legitimate powers of the federal government to force you to buy something that the government tells you to buy.”

Toomey made his opposition to Democrats’ health care reform a key issue in his campaign, a stance he reiterated during a visit to the Select Medical company in Mechanicsburg on Monday.

“The approach that they [Democrats] took in the HC bill that they passed is very badly flawed. It’s going to undermine the quality of health care, it’s going to drive up the cost of health care, it’s going to be devastating to the federal budget, so the problems are very broad.”

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