Earmarks Live: Pork As Usual

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

The Great Earmark Eradication Effort of 2011 has slammed flat against a stubborn Senate even before the new Congress convenes next year. For all the talk about “reform,” it didn’t take long for the serial oinkers to squeal.

Despite an electorate incensed over congressional spending, a conference-wide moratorium by House Republicans and a ban on pet-project pork (albeit nonbinding) from GOP senators, eight Republicans joined a majority of Senate Democrats in voting against a two-year moratorium. Their excuse? Earmarks — $16 billion in the fiscal 2010 budget — have little impact on trillion-dollar deficits.

Crack addicts are more likely to kick their addiction than legislative porkers.

Is it any surprise, as well, that seven out of nine Democrat senators deemed most vulnerable in 2012 — including Pennsylvania’s Bobby Casey — voted to keep bringing home the bacon?

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