PA GOP Launches As Biden And Pelosi Stump For Congressional Democrats In Philadelphia

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding Vice President Joe Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s fundraiser in Philadelphia on behalf of Pennsylvania Congressional Democrats:

“Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi know that the fate of the Democratic majority in the House rests in the hands of Pennsylvania voters who will be casting ballots in ten contested Congressional contests,” Gleason said. “While San Francisco liberals will certainly re-elect Speaker Pelosi this November, Pennsylvania voters have the chance to strip the gavel out of her hands by voting to elect Republican candidates who will form a fiscally responsible majority. That is why our Party is excited to launch, a site that allows visitors to support our efforts to win Pennsylvania Congressional races and punt Pelosi out of the Speaker’s chair.”

In response to Speaker Pelosi’s visit, our Party launched where voters from Pennsylvania and around the nation can donate to support our efforts to elect Republicans to Congress in the Keystone State. Pennsylvania is home to ten contested Congressional races and will no doubt play a major role in deciding which party controls the U.S. House of Representatives next year.

Gleason added, “Furthermore, Pennsylvania Congressional candidates, like 7th Congressional District candidate Bryan Lentz, are showing their true extreme liberal colors by openly campaigning with Biden and Pelosi, two architects of the failed big government agenda that has saddled our country with record debt and near double-digit unemployment. Bryan Lentz just sent a message to voters in Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District that he supports higher taxes, more spending and that he’ll serve as a rubberstamp to Speaker Pelosi!”

Today, Vice President Joe Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi campaigned for Democratic Congressional candidate Bryan Lentz (PA-7) and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in Philadelphia.