Who Says The White House Can’t Create Jobs… For Their Political Allies? Specter Seeking White House Gig

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding news that the White House may try to bail out their political ally Arlen Specter with a job:

“While the White House has failed miserably to create jobs for or a friendly business climate, they have been successful in creating jobs if that means helping their political allies,” Gleason said. “After all the scrutiny the White House took over the job offer they presented to Joe Sestak and the dozens of unanswered questions still hanging out there, one has to wonder what they are thinking considering Arlen Specter for a job. Clearly, the White House’s political arrogance knows no bounds. Don’t believe me, just ask Nancy Pelosi — The Speaker has been complaining that her Democratic members will be losing their jobs in November.

“Considering Specter’s recent flip-flop to reluctantly support the nomination of Elena Kagan, one is left to wonder if this decision had anything to do with the possibility of a White House job. He was judged by voters in Pennsylvania and they sent him a definitive message — Go Away! Pennsylvanians’ know that Arlen will do whatever is takes to make sure Arlen is taken care of!”

According to ABC’s Jake Tapper, sources tell him that Senator Specter is seeking a job after his term is up in January and White House officials are keeping an open mind about possible job openings for him.