Joe Sestak Says He Is Fiscal Conservative??? Record Tells Entirely Different Story

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding Congressman Joe Sestak’s claim yesterday morning where he states, “I’m a fiscal conservative.” (RJ Harris, WHP 580)

“It appears that Joe Sestak has learned a thing or two about misrepresenting his record from Arlen Specter,” Gleason said. “Joe Sestak calling himself a fiscal conservative is laughable when you look at his record. Senator Specter is well-known for saying one thing and doing another and it appears that Joe Sestak has been taking notes.

“In Washington, D.C., Joe Sestak is a big government liberal who is committed to spending more and more of our hard-earned money. After all, Sestak is the same guy who voted for the job-killing cap-and-trade legislation and then lamented the bill that passed the House didn’t go far enough. He is the same Congressman who voted to support a version of the government-run health care bill that would have allowed states to outlaw private health insurance all together. Joe Sestak even said the stimulus didn’t go far enough, instead advocating for a bill that would have wasted even more money.

“Joe Sestak can try to redefine himself all he wants, but his record speaks for itself!”

A Closer Look At Joe Sestak’s Fiscally Irresponsible Record:


Joe Sestak voted for the job-killing cap-and-trade legislation (44 Democrats voted against it, including 4 Pennsylvania Democrats) (RC #477, 06/26/09), but he is one of just a few congressmen saying the legislation does not go far enough.

  • Sestak: “I was disappointed in this bill because I thought it was eviscerated during the process too much. I did vote for it, however, because it’s better than not having it done.” (Netroots, 08/14/09)
  • Sestak: “I pushed hard for the cap-and-trade bill. The one the House passed should have been even more.” (Senate Forum Urban Issues, 05/03/00)

Health Care:

Joe Sestak voted for the final health care bill (RC #887, 11/07/09), but he continues to say that the $2.3 trillion health care monstrosity was insufficient. Maybe that’s why he voted for a version of the legislation in committee that would have allowed states to outlaw private health insurance altogether! (Education & Labor Committee, 07/17/09)


Sestak voted for the $787 billion stimulus (RC #70, 02/13/09), but he continues to state that this massive budget-busting, deficit-ballooning boondoggle was not enough:

  • Sestak: “This bill is actually a bit small in my opinion, but it’s the right step.” — ABC WPVI, 02/27/09
  • Sestak: “It’s the minimum amount needed. I would have voted for $1 trillion.” — NBC WCAU, 02/27/09
  • Sestak: “I hope that the talk begins again about having another stimulus plan.” — Fox News Business, 10/16/09
  • Sestak: “No, we aren’t bold or aggressive enough. Nor do I believe that our first economic stimulus bill was bold or aggressive enough.” – MSNBC, 10/19/09
  • Sestak: “This economic stimulus bill . . . did exactly what it had to do. If anything, it needed to be more bold and even more aggressive.” (Fox News, 02/19/10)