State Senator Don White Discusses Impact Of Cap-And-Trade Legislation On The 12th Congressional District

HARRISBURG — State Senator Don White, who represents Pennsylvania’s 41st State Senatorial District, released the following statement regarding the 12th Congressional District Special Election and the devastating impact cap-and-trade legislation will have on southwestern Pennsylvania.

“At a time when Pennsylvanians’ are struggling to make ends’ meet, Democrats in Washington have actively worked to advance the national energy tax known as cap-and-trade. This legislation will endanger the jobs of countless workers in our critical energy sectors while having a devastating impact on our Commonwealth’s economy.

“Cap-and-trade may sound like a good idea in Washington, D.C., but here in southwestern Pennsylvania, this legislation will deal a significant blow to our area’s vital coal, steel and manufacturing industries while raising electric rates dramatically for families, farmers and job creators. Even the Congressional Budget Office projects that this tax will cost the average family of four more than $12,000 over the next ten years while The Heritage Foundation estimates this bill will cause more than 1.1 million workers to lose their jobs. That is simply too much of a burden for families in southwestern Pennsylvania to bear, especially during the worst economic crisis our nation has faced since The Great Depression.

“While the Democrats have been supporting this job-killing legislation which will tax Pennsylvania families, Tim Burns has been working hard to create jobs for his fellow Pennsylvanians. Tim Burns has built his business and raised his family in the 12th Congressional District, and he understands what a difference a thriving energy industry can have on our region. As a business owner, Tim is already responsible for creating more than 400 jobs in southwestern Pennsylvania.

“Tim Burns has the right experience and leadership ability the 12th Congressional District needs fighting for us in Washington, D.C. and I proudly support him in this critical election.”