Pennsylvania Democrats Trying To Bully Tom Corbett Out Of Challenging Unconstitutional Obama-Pelosi Health Care Bill

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding today’s Democratic Party press conference regarding Attorney General Tom Corbett’s lawsuit against the unconstitutional Obama-Pelosi health care bill, including House Democratic Appropriations Chairman Dwight Evans’ threat to cut the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s budget this year.

“After getting over the shock that Representative Evans was actually advocating for a spending cut rather than another large tax increase, I was appalled to find that he wanted to cut the budget of our Attorney General’s office, which has been doing an exemplary job of fighting and protecting the rights of our citizens,” Gleason said. “Attorney General Tom Corbett is fighting this unconstitutional legislation for the people of Pennsylvania. It is his duty to protect the people of Pennsylvania from legislation that encroaches upon the rights and freedoms of the taxpayers. The Obama-Pelosi government-run health care bill takes away Pennsylvanians’ rights not to pay for or participate in a health care plan.

“It is unacceptable for Democratic legislators to threaten our elected state Attorney General’s funding and his ability to protect our rights and keep the people of this commonwealth safe. Tom Corbett is fighting to protect the rights of the taxpayer while state Democratic leaders continue to defend the extreme liberal agenda of President Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi.”