It’s Baaaaaack!!! Obama And His Fellow Democrats Resurrect Same Failed Big Government-Run Health Care Plan

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding President Barack Obama and his Democratic colleagues’ insistence on pushing a government-run health care plan that Americans just don’t want.

“The White House has proven once again that it cares more about scoring cheap political points than working to reform the health care system in this country,” Gleason said. “After months of watching both the U.S. Senate and U.S. House plans for government-run health care stall due to overwhelming public opposition, the best that the Obama Administration can do is merge two bad bills into one truly awful piece of legislation?

“Over the past year, Democrats in both chambers of Congress drafted their own government-run health care proposals. Each proposal has been met with concerns over the massive spending increases, higher taxes and a push towards a government-run system.

“Republicans want to begin a thoughtful, step-by-step approach to reforming our health care system that will take the best aspects of our current system and build upon them. We will not, however, be content with serving as background decorations for the President’s scheme to repackage a bad plan.”