PA GOP Endorses Candidates For Governor, Lieutenant Governor And United States Senate

HARRISBURG — The Republican Party of Pennsylvania met in Harrisburg today at their annual Winter Meeting and voted to endorse Pat Toomey for United States Senate, Tom Corbett for Pennsylvania Governor and Jim Cawley for Lieutenant Governor.

“At such a critical juncture in the history of our Commonwealth and our country, it’s important that our Party puts forth highly qualified candidates who will promote and implement the Republican principles of limited government and personal responsibility within our government,” Gleason said. “We are excited to have found these highly qualified candidates in United States Senate candidate Pat Toomey, gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett and lieutenant governor candidate Jim Cawley.”

“As a former small business owner, Pat Toomey has an innate understanding of the problems facing our nation’s financial system. During his time in Congress and later in the private sector, Pat Toomey became a champion of the type of common-sense, free-market solutions that will create jobs, grow our economy and protect our freedoms. Pat Toomey is exactly the type of strong independent voice that we need in Washington today.

“Attorney General Tom Corbett’s name has become synonymous with government reform in Pennsylvania. Tom has spent a lifetime fighting to protect the citizens of this Commonwealth from public corruption and criminal predators, and I am excited to support his bid to take that watchdog mentality to the Governor’s mansion.

“Jim Cawley, Bucks County Commissioner, has established a solid record as an innovator who has worked to save taxpayers millions of dollars. Jim’s experience will add a great deal to our Party’s ticket this year.”

“With a strong and energized grassroots network, we are excited to get to work electing Tom Corbett for Governor, Jim Cawley for Lieutenant Governor, and Pat Toomey for the United States Senate.”