Dr. Marcela Diaz-Myers

Deputy Chair

Dr. Diaz-Myers is a native of Bogota, Colombia, South America. She graduated from Escuela de Medicina Juan N. Corpas with a degree in medicine. While Marcela currently works in the healthcare industry, it has not stopped her from dedicating her life to serving her Dauphin County communities. In her community, Marcela has served 19 years as the Vice President of the Lower Dauphin School board, served eight years as a PA GOP state committeewoman for Dauphin County, and the Director of Health Services for Harrisburg School District. Marcela’s passions have expanded statewide as she has served as the Director of the Chronic Initiative for the Pennsylvania Department of Health, President of PSBA in 2013, and the Chair of the PA GOP Hispanic Advisory Council. Marcela’s experiences have played a crucial role in expanding the values of the Republican Party into the Hispanic and Latino communities. With Marcela as Deputy Chair for the PAGOP, we are confident that she will continue her lifelong service to advancing Republican values.