Tabas: Governor should follow Trump plan, work with legislature to re-open economy.

The Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Lawrence Tabas issued the following statement on Governor Wolf’s plan to reopen PA’s economy: 

“Governor’s Wolf’s announcement of a so-called “plan” to reopen Pennsylvania’s economy falls short of the sensible solutions offered by the State Legislature in SB 613 and SB 327.  There is no timeline, no start date, and more of the same secretive metrics for who can work, and who can’t. The announcement amounted to, ‘we will tell you the plan when we tell you.’  The people of Pennsylvania deserve better.”

Tabas added, “If the Governor was serious about working together to solve the unprecedented problems facing Pennsylvania today, he should have been more transparent in his statewide shutdown from the start.  The Governor should be following the CISA and CDC guidelines, as most states are doing, rather than use his lone criteria for businesses that are permitted to operate. President Trump presented his Opening Up America plan the other day which, unlike Governor Wolf’s, is transparent with clear goals for reopening our economy safely and productively.  I call upon the Governor to follow this plan, CISA and CDC guidelines and work with our State Legislature to promptly implement a transparent, safe, and productive plan to get our state’s economy working again.”