Where Does DePasquale Stand on Pelosi’s Sham Impeachment?

Harrisburg – The Republican Party of Pennsylvania is taking to Facebook to ask Eugene DePasquale one simple question:  Where does he stand on impeachment? A silent video asks the question and concludes with “he should tell us.” The post caption reads, “We think voters have a right to know whether a congressional candidate plans to work for or against our President!”

“It’s an easy question to answer,” said Charlie O’Neill of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania. “He either supports impeachment or he does not — and the people of Cumberland, Dauphin, and York counties deserve to know.”

The gerrymandered 10th Congressional District supported President Trump in 2016.  Despite Democrats’  best efforts in the PA Supreme Court, the district is held by General Scott Perry (ret.) — who has made it clear where he stands. Why can’t Gene DePasquale?