David Arnold Elected Republican Nominee for the 48th Senatorial District Special Election

The Pennsylvania Republican Party extends its congratulations to David Arnold for winning the Republican Nomination to the 48th Senatorial District.  In David we have a well qualified candidate who will be the nominee on the ballot for the January 14th, 2019 Special Election.    

David Arnold has been the elected district attorney of Lebanon County for four terms and has served nearly 14 years. Arnold was recognized by his colleagues around Pennsylvania for his leadership skills and was elected to serve as President of the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association from 2015 – 2017.  Arnold serves as the chairman of the Lebanon County Criminal Justice Advisory Board and is also an appointed member of the Pennsylvania Sentencing Commission.  Dave Arnold is married to Alicia and they have a daughter, Reese.

“We look forward to working with David Arnold to keep the 48th Senate seat in Republican hands,” stated Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman Lawrence Tabas.  “The unique circumstances of a Special Election require a Conferee process to stand as a primary election. Today, following the rules and precedent of previous conferences, the Republican Party is pleased to support David.” 

“As County Chairmen of the Pennsylvania Republican Party we have been elected to do all we can to ensure Republican victories in Dauphin, Lebanon, and York Counties.  We look forward to working together in order to ensure David Arnold, will represent the people of the 48th Senatorial District this January.” Stated Dave Feidt, Chairman of Dauphin County, Casey Long, Chairman of Lebanon County, Jeff Piccola, Chairman of York County.