Unified, Enthusiastic Republicans Endorse Trump, Pence at PA GOP Fall Meeting

HARRISBURG: Unity and enthusiasm for President Trump’s re-election was the resounding theme during the Republican Party of Pennsylvania’s Fall Meeting at the Hershey Hotel this weekend.
The members of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania voted unanimously to endorse the re-election of the President Trump and Vice President Pence.
“For the first time in a very long time, we have a reason to be hopeful again,” said Tabas during his nomination speech.  “The President has restored a national spirit of optimism and a belief that our nation’s future is bright.”
Seconding the nomination was Vice Chairman and Trump Chair for PA, Bernadette Comfort, who said, “There is great support for the re-election of President Trump in Pennsylvania.  Under President Trump we have a growing economy, a safer nation and a stronger judiciary.  President Trump has delivered on his promises and that will lead to his re-election.”
Delivering an additional second nomination for the President and Vice President was Bryant Glick, state committeeman from Lancaster County.  Glick added, “As a young professional and a father of three, I understand that President Trump’s leadership has benefited my family and the families of all Americans.”
The meeting marks the last time the Republican Party of Pennsylvania will meet before the election on November 5th.