Harrisburg, PA – PAGOP Chairman, Lawrence Tabas, today announced the appointment of Vonne Andring, of Armstrong County, to serve as the Senior Advisor to the state party. 

“Vonne is a highly gifted communicator, an insightful strategist, and a veteran political organizer, said Tabas. “Her unique perspective and expertise will be a valuable asset to the party and our candidates as we take a fresh look at how we organize, brand, and connect with people.”    

A former U.S. Army 82nd Airborne paratrooper and combat veteran, Andring heads a strategic branding firm and has consistently served in key roles on national, statewide and local campaigns, among them Ted Cruz for President, Scott Wagner for Governor and Doug Mastriano’s 2019 successful Special Election bid for Senate District 33. 

“I’ve seen Vonne put a Presidential candidate on the ballot in just three weeks, where other presidential teams had a six-month head start and a staff,” said Tabas. “Her professionalism and ability to get results is widely known and respected.”

Andring earned a bachelor’s degree in English from Seton Hill University and a master’s degree in strategic public relations from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. She lives with her husband and son in Armstrong County.