When will Brian Sims take meaningful responsibility for his outrageous and potentially criminal conduct?

It’s been weeks since State Rep. Brian Sims entered into one of the largest self-created imbroglios in recent memory when he, on separate occasions, bullied and harassed a woman exercising her First Amendment Rights praying for the unborn in front of a Philadelphia abortion clinic and harassed and doxed teenagers peacefully exercising their rights in front of the same clinic, all while broadcasting the events live via his Twitter page.

As of yet, Rep. Sims has done nothing short of continuing this embarrassing self-own by broadcasting forced non-apologies and, just recently, apologizing to the supporters of abortion providers for how his conduct reflects on them.

Nowhere has he directly apologized to his victims or taken any meaningful responsibility, all the while having the specter of criminal investigation hanging over his head, including the filing of a criminal complaint by the mother of the teenagers he brazenly intimidated.

In response, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Jason Gottesman, made the following statement:

“Rep. Brian Sims has still refused to take any meaningful responsibility for his despicable and potentially criminal conduct, all the while receiving tacit approval from fellow Democrats who continue to remain silent by not publicly condemning his actions.

“By refusing to take meaningful action, Rep. Sims and his fellow Democrats are acknowledging they have neither remorse nor regret for his actions except in how they negatively reflect the liberal agenda they are so forcefully trying to thrust upon Pennsylvanians.”