John Micek must apologize for disparaging the military service of Congressman Guy Reschenthaler

In a Wednesday morning “opinion” piece that among other things seeks to normalize socialism, John Micek—Editor-in-Chief of online news outlet Pennsylvania Capital-Star—flippantly disparaged the honorable military record of Congressman Guy Reschenthaler by referring to him as “tailgunner Guy.”

Congressman Reschenthaler’s military career as a Navy Judge Advocate General includes his volunteering for duty in Iraq, prosecuting nearly 100 terrorists, and successfully defending the service of our front-line fighters.

Stateside, his military service was praised by the Southern District of Texas Chapter of the Federal Bar Association for outstanding ethics and professionalism when they presented him with the prestigious Michael Taylor Shelby Award—the first uniformed military officer to share in the award.

In response, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Jason Gottesman, made the following statement:

“John Micek, the Pennsylvania Capital-Star, and its financiers should be ashamed of the flippant way in which Congressman Guy Reschenthaler’s outstanding military service was disparaged.

“As Micek helms a news outlet in a quest to normalize socialism and become Pennsylvania’s version The Huffington Post, he knocked down the admirable service of a decorated military officer while simultaneously lifting up one of the world’s most dangerous political ideologies.

“This is example 1A of what is wrong with journalism today.

“John Micek, The Hopewell Fund, and all those backing this media outlet should immediately apologize to Congressman Reschenthaler, military service members and veterans, and the public at large for this irresponsible and reprehensible conduct.”