PA GOP-endorsed Superior Court candidate Judge Christylee Peck endorsed by FOP Keystone Lodge #41

PA GOP-endorsed Superior Court candidate Cumberland County Judge Christylee Peck recently received the unanimous endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police’s Keystone Lodge #41.

Keystone Lodge #41 represents over 400 active and retired State Troopers in the Central Pennsylvania Area.

According to the endorsement letter to Judge Peck the endorsement “speaks favorably of [Judge Peck’s] integrity and commitment to Law Enforcement and [her] desire to serve the Citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.”

The endorsement letter can be read in full HERE.


NOTE: Judge Christylee Peck and Deputy District Attorney Megan McCarthy King are the PA GOP-endorsed candidates for Superior Court. They are the only Republicans running in the race to be “recommended” by the Pennsylvania Bar Association.