PA GOP Chairman’s Update – March 3, 2019

Dear supporters, friends, and those interested in the Republican Party of Pennsylvania:

We are now in the middle of petition season and I am so glad to see so many of our county parties and local Republican committees working hard on behalf of Republicans across the state to ensure they get on the ballot.

In particular, especially as we travel the Commonwealth to Lincoln Day Dinners, I am very excited to see our endorsed Superior Court candidates—Judge Christylee Peck and proven prosecutor Megan McCarthy King—attend so many events and working extremely hard to get needed petition signatures.

Their hard work now will pay dividends later in the campaign cycle.

This week, I was happy to attend the Centre County Lincoln Day Dinner and meet with area Republicans there. In addition, PA GOP staff attended many other functions to help us spread our message and tell local committees about the important work of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania.

As you know, we have a few special elections going on at various levels of government in Pennsylvania and just yesterday, conferees in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District selected State Representative Fred Keller to be our nominee for congress in that election to be held on May 21st.

Sending another Pennsylvania Republican to Congress is incredibly important.

I know Fred will go to Washington and be a strong voice for north-central Pennsylvania, an ally of President Donald Trump, and stand up to the likes of Nancy Pelosi and the increasingly-socialist left.

With Democrats like Marc Friedenberg supporting socialist policies like the $93 trillion Green New Deal and the government takeover of healthcare, we need Republicans to stand up for American values in the halls of Congress.

In southwestern Pennsylvania, our Republican nominee for the 37th State Senatorial District special election, Raja, was prominently featured in the news this week, publishing an op-Ed and making several radio and television appearances.

Our Republican candidates are doing an incredible job and I am ever more optimistic about the future of our Party when I see their passion in seeking elected office.

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Val DiGiorgio


Republican Party of Pennsylvania