PA-10 leaders and residents express concern over picture showing George Scott’s irresponsible behavior

At a press conference Sunday, leaders and residents of Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District discussed their concerns over a picture showing George Scott with a gun to a subordinate’s head while standing in front of a banner depicting revolutionary governments of South America.

The picture has been subject of news stories and controversy since it was made public Friday night.

Dauphin County Republican Chairman David Feidt said that the behavior shown in picture is reason enough for voters of the district to reject radical George Scott.

“George Scott’s behavior in this photograph is irresponsible,” he said. “If this is what George Scott thinks is responsible behavior with a firearm, he can’t be expected to be responsible with his job should he get elected.”

Dauphin County Commissioner Jeff Haste also noted that the picture the latest revelation in a pattern of George Scott’s irresponsible behavior and positions.

“This picture is emblematic of George Scott’s behavior throughout the campaign,” Haste said.

“George Scott has supported irresponsible positions like single-payer health care that would cost taxpayers trillions of dollars in new taxes and insert government in to the lives of Americans in a way never before contemplated. This picture is George Scott and George Scott is this picture. He’s irresponsible in this photograph and he’ll be irresponsible should he get to Washington. We can’t let that happen.”

The press conference on Sunday also included local business leaders like Pat Connaghan, a veteran and owner of 717 Armory, who also discussed their concerns over George Scott’s behavior as depicted in the photograph.