PA AFL-CIO continues Mike Hanna Jr.’s campaign of deception with new mailer

On Wednesday, October 31st, voters in the 76th District received a misleading mailer from the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, incorrectly informing voters to “Re-Elect Mike Hanna.”

In response, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Jason Gottesman, made the following statement:

“Once again, we see another deception from the Hanna Jr. campaign and his Harrisburg special interest allies attempting to confuse voters and steal an election under the veil of his father’s name.

“From the very beginning it has been abundantly clear that Mike Hanna Jr. is attempting to run on his father’s name rather than his own record. Hanna Jr. has used his father’s name, logo, yard signs and political machine so that he can return to Harrisburg and continue to live off the taxpayer’s dime.

“Suggesting to voters to re-elect someone who is not a current elected official is an absolute travesty to our electoral process and political malpractice. Are we to believe the PA AFL-CIO didn’t realize that an entirely new person was running in this election? That would be interesting seeing as they have donated to Mike Hanna Jr.’s campaign. Are we to believe the PA AFL-CIO didn’t know who they were donating too?

“The only reason Mike Hanna Jr. needs to use his father’s name to run for State Representative is to hide the fact that his values and agenda don’t represent his district. The great folks of Clinton and Centre counties deserve better.”