Republican Party of Pennsylvania calls on DCCC and Ron DiNicola campaign to take down provenly false ad

Last week, noted the ad currently running on Democrat Ron DiNicola’s behalf from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was patently false and misleading.

According to their analysis:

“The DCCC claims that Rep. Mike Kelly’s ‘net worth increased by millions’ while in Congress. But the source DCCC cites show that Kelly’s net worth has gone down since he took office.”

As of Monday the ad was still running in media markets across the district, despite its false and misleading claims.

In addition, when asked of Fox News Sunday about the ad, DCCC Chairman Ray Lujan (D-NM), deflected instead of answering. To watch that exchange, CLICK HERE.

In order to provide a fair and accurate picture to the voters of the 16th Congressional District in Pennsylvania, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania is calling on the DiNicola campaign and the DCCC to take down the ad and is supporting an NRCC legal effort to have networks take down the false ad.

In addition, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Val DiGiorgio, made the following statement:

“This patently false ad does nothing to further the debate on the issues important to voters and only serves as a disservice to those seeking more information about which candidate they believe best deserves their vote.

“This inaccurate ad distorts the truth about Congressman Mike Kelly and its continued airing is inappropriate.

“As the Republican Party of Pennsylvania supports legal efforts by the National Republican Congressional Committee, I call on the Ron DiNicola campaign and the DCCC to do the right thing and take down the advertisement immediately and apologize for their lies.”