Susan Wild campaigning with socialists shows true colors of her agenda

Thursday, Democratic nominee in the 7th Congressional District, Susan Wild, is co-sponsoring and campaigning at an event at the Democratic Harmony Fest with the Lehigh Valley Democrats and Progressives Coalition (LVDPC).

According to information provided by LVDPC, the organization includes the Democratic Socialists of America on its coordinating board.

It’s been roughly a month since the Republican Party of Pennsylvania asked Susan Wild where she stands on a DSA agenda that would cost Pennsylvanians billions in tax increases and make them less safe through policies that would open our borders and abolish ICE.

As of today, Susan Wild has yet to respond. However, her silence and past actions speak volumes, including her on-the-record support for sanctuary cities.

In response, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Jason Gottesman, made the following statement:

“From being convicted Mayor Ed Pawlowski’s taxpayer-funded fixer, to her support of sanctuary cities, and now campaigning with socialists, Susan Wild has taken on positions that are antithetical to the values held in the 7th Congressional District.

“The policies Susan Wild supports, either by her silence or her actions, would cost Pennsylvanians billions in new taxes and make their streets less safe.

“Susan Wild’s abhorrence of the rule of law and lack of respect for taxpayer dollars proves she would be a disaster in Congress.”