PRESS RELEASE: Bob Casey unethically used Senate floor proceedings for campaign purposes

The Republican Party of Pennsylvania is preparing to file a formal complaint with the Senate Ethics Committee against Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) for his use of his official Senate resources to benefit his re-election campaign.

A review of Casey’s campaign activities revealed that, on March 10, 2015, Senator Casey posted to his campaign Facebook page a video from his official Senate office’s YouTube page of Casey giving a speech on the Senate floor.

According to Section 6.2 (a) of the Senate Ethics Manual, “The use of any tape duplication of radio or television coverage of the proceedings of the Senate for political campaign purposes is strictly prohibited.”

In response, Jason Gottesman, Director of Communications for the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, made the following statement:

“This video clearly shows Bob Casey has violated Senate ethics rules for the benefit of his reelection campaign.

“Bob Casey is another Washington progressive elitist that clearly believes the rules apply to everyone but him.

These are the kind of values abhorred by the moderate Pennsylvania voters Bob Casey has left behind and is another reason why Pennsylvania cannot afford another six years of him in office.”