PA GOP STATEMENT: Wolf campaign goes negative, distorts truth in first move of General Election



Harrisburg, Pa. — Wednesday, after spending the primary bashing Republicans for neglecting the issues and running negative campaigns in the primary, Gov. Tom Wolf’s re-election campaign started their General Election effort by launching a negative, distorted, personal attack ad against Republican Gubernatorial nominee Scott Wagner.

Wolf’s campaign stretches and edits remarks to try and make fact out of hyperbole.

In one specific misleading clip, the viewer is led to believe Scott Wagner has violent propensities by taking out of context remarks on how government regulations—like those the Governor is so fond of—strangle business development.

In response, Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman Val DiGiorgio made the following statement:


“On the first day of the campaign, Tom Wolf has chosen to go low with a  distorted personal attack on Scott Wagner.

“The attack on Wagner’s campaign donations is an outright lie. Scott Wagner has taken only $3,000 from the natural gas industry.

“The ad also fails to mention Wolf has taken millions from special interest groups and public sector unions that he has protected with his veto pen all the while proposing cradle-to-grave taxation policies that disrespect hardworking Pennsylvanians and seek to hinder our growth industries like American-made energy development companies that have already created hundreds of thousands of jobs in Pennsylvania.

“This is a clear indication that Gov. Wolf has no record of his own on which to run and is worried about Scott’s unconventional style and his anti-establishment, pro-taxpayer message.”