PA GOP STATEMENT: In vetoing SB 936, Gov. Wolf chooses special interests over fighting opioid epidemic

Harrisburg, Pa. — Gov. Tom Wolf announced Friday afternoon that he has vetoed Senate Bill 936, legislation that could help fight the opioid crisis and make alternative pain treatments more affordable.

An article in the Philadelphia Inquirer earlier this year exposed that Wolf’s campaign coffers are full of donations from a PAC funded largely by doctors and lawyers who own pharmacies that would benefit from this veto.

In response Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman Val DiGiorgio made the following statement:

“The veto of this bill further dirties the hands of a Governor that has shown time and again that he will stand up for special interest donors instead of the welfare of Pennsylvanians.

“This bill had broad-based support from the medical community, treatment providers, and businesses across Pennsylvania and could have gone a long way to fight the opioid crisis.

“Instead of issuing an Executive Order on over-prescribing, which lacks the full force and effect of law, the Governor should have shown firm leadership by signing this bill.”