PA GOP STATEMENT: Paul Mango must take down recent attack ad

Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman Val DiGiorgio has made the following statement regarding the most recent attack ad by Paul Mango:

“Having spent time with Paul Mango, I am surprised and disappointed he would go to these depths to assail a fellow Republican. Personal attacks like this hurt our democratic process and will only serve to undermine the chances of achieving what must be our shared goal –  defeating Tom Wolf, America’s most liberal Governor.

“The fact is, Paul Mango’s claims against Scott Wagner have already been heard and rejected by the elected state committee members, who at our meeting in February, overwhelmingly endorsed Scott Wagner to be our candidate for Governor.

“For the good of our party and our commonwealth, it is time we rise above personal attacks and focus on substantive solutions to the problems facing Pennsylvanians. As such, I call on Paul Mango to take down this misleading attack ad.”