STATEMENT: Wolf presents election reforms as a thinly-veiled distraction from a disastrous past few months


HARRISBURG, Pa.– This afternoon, in an effort to redirect the sunlight shining on his administration’s accumulating cobwebs, the most liberal governor in the U.S. presented what he calls a, “21st Century Voting Reform Plan.”

“On his ‘21st Century Voting Reform Plan,’ Governor Wolf has unclean hands.

“Strong evidence exists that under Governor Wolf’s watch, PennDot may have accidentally registered tens of thousands of non-citizens, to vote. He has personally contributed to the growing rumors surrounding this issue by refusing to turn over requests for the data; furthermore, he said himself, at the press conference today, ‘I don’t think anybody is really clear on how many actually did register, and of those, how many actually voted.’

“If Governor Wolf is interested in election reforms, he should start by cleaning up existing problems first, and conduct a thorough review of the voter rolls to remove all non-citizens.

“Governor Wolf is also the largest recipient of special interest campaign funding of any elected official in the entire state of Pennsylvania. In addition to the millions of dollars he has accepted from unions, it was recently exposed by the Philadelphia Inquirer that his largest campaign donor, Fairness PA, is a channel for doctors and lawyers who own pharmacies to make sure the controversial practice of pharmacies billing insurers for unproven pain creams that can cost $4,000 a tube or more–at the expense of taxpayers–continues. This should remove all credibility from Governor Wolf when speaking on the topic of campaign finance reform,” said Val DiGiorgio, Chairman, Republican Party of Pennsylvania.