Statement: Governor Wolf’s ethics announcement confirms two-faced tendencies


HARRISBURG, Pa.– Governor Wolf’s ethics announcement this morning rings hollow, and again confirms his penchant for showing one face to the public, and another to his special interest donor base. A recent article in the Philadelphia Inquirer exposed that Wolf’s campaign coffers are full of donations from a PAC funded largely by doctors and lawyers who own pharmacies. These donations come in the midst of lawmakers debating a bill that could end pharmacies billing insurers for unproven pain creams that can cost $4,000 a tube or more.

“The ideas put forward by Governor Wolf today are at best insincere. Wolf is the largest recipient of funding from special interest groups amongst all of his fellow, elected, Democratic Party officials in Pennsylvania. He has also been the only one standing in the way of producing realistic, on-time budgets. While some of the ideas he proposed this morning have merit, overall his calls for reform appear as nothing more than a political stunt to garner headlines. The media should also be highlighting the extent of Governor Wolf’s special interest funding in light of his diversionary rhetoric this morning,” said Chairman of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, Val DiGiorgio.

He added, “Pennsylvania Republicans have shown actual leadership in ethics reform, recently enacting critical changes to PA lobbyist disclosure law and continuing to push a package of bills through the General Assembly that would substantially reform the state budget process.”