STATEMENT: PA Supreme Court Engages In Judicial-Mandering Crisis


HARRISBURG —  In response to the PA Supreme Courts blatant Judicial-Mandering, Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman, Val DiGiorgio released the following statement:

“Today, in a shameful display of partisanship, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court drew and released a new congressional map (see the map and Cook Political ratings below). This map constitutes a new standard for judicial activism, unquestionably is a violation of separation of powers, and is a sad day for the commonwealth and the state and federal constitutions. This power grab is an affront to over 200 years of precedent and nothing short of judicial-mandering.

“Make no mistake – this is a partisan gerrymandering and power grab by Democrat Party operatives hiding behind robes. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court, by acting as judge, executive and legislature has trampled on the concept of separation of powers and violated the Pennsylvania and U.S. Constitution.

“Their actions will result in unnecessary chaos and confusion just days before petitions are to be circulated. Hundreds and thousands of PA residents now find themselves in new congressional districts. Further, many candidates will find themselves drawn out of their districts. Additionally, the new map splits existing cities wards and precincts and uses concentrated Democratic votes in the cities to dilute Republican voters across our state.

“One can only conclude the Democrats have done with their maps the very thing they sought to redress with their lawsuit – packing and cracking voters for partisan gain.

“We are learning firsthand the dangers of a Democrat majority on the Supreme Court who are intent on legislating from the bench. I expect we will be challenging this in federal court.”

— Val DiGiorgio, Chairman, Republican Party of Pennsylvania